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The Commercial Pilot Certificate trains you to a higher degree of skill and ability, in preparation for a professional flying career. As a professional pilot you can be compensated or you’re piloting services. During your course you will learn about the privileges and limitations you have as a Commercial Pilot, and receive in depth training in the systems and operation of your aircraft. You will also operate your aircraft to its maximum capabilities in high performance maneuvers, achieving a new level of mastery and safety. 

As a Commercial Pilot you will learn to perfect the skills learned as a Private Pilot. Become proficient in determining load and balance information, performing precision takeoffs and landings, operating complex aircraft, applying advanced navigation and weather theory.

​Although earning the commercial license is based on skill and not on hours, a minimum of 120 flight hours must be logged after enrollment in the Commercial Pilot Certification Course of the Part 141 Program. In the Part 61 Program, pilots must have logged at least 250 hours of total flight time prior to receiving the license. If a pilot already has logged 250 hours, then the commercial pilot license may be obtained in as little as 10 hours in a complex aircraft. All commercial pilots must receive a complex aircraft endorsement.
Commercial Pilot
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