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There are two different types of programs for flight training that a student can choose from, “Part 61” and “Part 141,” named after their corresponding Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.  

Any flight instructor or school can teach under Part 61 regulations.  A Part 141 certification means that a school has taken the time and effort to have their aircraft, business location, courses, and instructors thoroughly reviewed and approved by the FAA.  The FAA conducts ongoing inspections of the school’s aircraft and student training records to assure quality and safety.
Part 61 vs. Part 141
How Does Part 141 Benefit Me As A Student?
The biggest benefits of a Part 141 program occur during flight training for the Instrument Rating and the Commercial Pilot courses: 

Part 141 regulations waive the requirements for 50 hours of pilot-in-command (PIC) cross-country time for the instrument rating, potentially saving a student over $5000.  
For the commercial pilot course, students must log an additional 120 hours from the date they are enrolled in a Part 141 commercial program, which gives them potential to receive their Private, Instrument, and Commercial pilot's license in as little as 190 hours.  This is 60 hours lower than the requirements for a Part 61 license, saving students additional time and money.

Who Should Choose to Complete Part 141 Training?
Part 141 is for those students that desire a more regulated program. It can be especially cost effective for career-oriented students who require rapid training.  Part 141 instruction also looks good on a resume.  
Is Part 141 Regulated More than Part 61?
Students at a Part 141 program follow a structured syllabus, take extra quizzes, and fly on periodic “stage checks” with either the Chief Flight Instructor or the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.  

They have a set of training records maintained at the school, in addition to their personal logbooks.  The more structured approach to training gives students an idea on their progress and helps eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly lessons.
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