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The best introduction to your pilot training is to take a Discovery Flight. On your discovery flight, you'll have a chance to check out our airplanes and instructors up close. Your instructor will guide you through the required preflight inspection and prepare the aircraft for flight. After advising Quincy Traffic of your intentions, your instructor will walk you through taxiing the aircraft to the runway, making final preflight checks and then taking off! 

Your Discovery Flight will offer great views of the Mississippi River and the Quincy area too. 

We offer 2 different discovery flights to accommodate all of our customers:
Discovery Flight
Introductory Flight Lesson
For the aspiring pilot who already knows that flying is for them. This one hour flight lesson allows enough time for the new student to actually handle the controls of the airplane while flying around the scenic local area. You will also have the chance to see some of the advanced features and capabilities of our new Cessna aircraft. We recommend a full hour flight for those who would like to earn their private pilot's license. 
$79 Discovery Flight
For the curious or mildly interested, we offer a shorter, lower cost version of the discovery flight. After your preflight walk-around you'll take to the skies in our new Cessna airplane and take a quick aerial tour of the scenic Quincy area. These make great gifts for loved ones who have expressed an interest in aviation and want to learn more about flying. 
Gift Certificates!
Do you have a special someone in your life who loves airplanes? Maybe they're already training toward a license or are a rated pilot who just wants to be able to fly more. Gift certificates redeemable for flight time are an excellent gift that every aviator will appreciate. These are available in whatever denomination you decide and can be redeemed for flight/instruction time or retail sales in our pilot shop.
A Discovery Flight is a great way to start toward your dream of becoming a pilot. You'll sit in the left seat and fly with one of our qualified flight instructors on a short flight around the scenic Quincy Area. 

Contact us today at (217) 885-3353 to schedule your Discovery Flight and take the first step toward discovering your dream!

The Discovery Flight is designed to be a short, inexpensive introduction to flying lessons that will give you the chance to meet our instructors, get familiar with the aircraft and airport environment and take the controls yourself to discovery what flying is all about.
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