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The Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument adds instrument instruction privileges to your current Flight Instructor Certificate. Similar to the CFI certificate, there are no flight time requirements outside the 3 hours of test preparation. The success of this course is largely dependent on your current instrument proficiency and your ability to teach in this advanced environment.

​Prior to completion of the rating, you must pass an FAA written exam. Finally, you must complete an oral and flight test covering items selected by the FAA designated examiner. These may include the demonstration or instruction of FAA regulations governing IFR conditions, IFR navigation, weather theory, control and maneuvering the aircraft by reference to the instruments, and cross-country flight under simulated or actual IFR conditions, the use of IFR charts and instrument approach procedures, performing instrument approaches, response to emergencies involving instrument malfunctions, lost communications, unusual attitude recovery, and deviation to alternate airports.  

Flight Instructor - Instrument
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