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Once you have reached this stage in your flight training, you have already learned everything you need to know as a pilot about aeronautical knowledge and flight maneuvers. What you will learn during the Certified Flight Instructor Course is how to teach that knowledge to others. 

During the course of this certificate, you will learn in detail the FAA airman certification process, the basic fundamentals of instructing, and how to prepare and execute both ground and flight lessons. Additionally, you will learn how to fly, and more importantly, how to teach from the right seat of the airplane. Paired with a Certified Flight Instructor with at least two years of experience, this course will be individually tailored based on your current proficiency level. 

Flight instructors must be able to fly from the right seat of an airplane while teaching. They are responsible for knowing all private pilot and commercial maneuvers, as well as some additional stall maneuvers. Flight instructor candidates must also receive a "spin endorsement."

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