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Whether you are just starting out or you are advancing your ratings, Quincy Aviation will provide the safe, fun, and educational experience you need.  Our flight instructors have trained pilots throughout the aviation industry.  Whether you are flying for fun or for a career in aviation, you deserve the best training available to you.

Quincy Aviation is committed to providing our students with the best learning experience possible. At our flight school you will find...

  • A safe, friendly, comfortable, dynamic atmosphere in which to learn.
  • A knowledgeable flight instructor to mentor you, motivate your learning
  and accommodate your requirements. 
  • Training in clean, new, dependable Cessna aircraft.

Flight Training
(217) 885-3353  |  1647 Highway 104,  Quincy, IL 62305
Quincy Aviation offers two training programs to meet your needs.

Our Part 141 Program is the highest level accreditation a flight school can receive. Quincy Aviation is a FAA Approved Flight School under Federal Air Regulations Part 141, which means that we have an approved flight training syllabus for each course, instructor standardization, supervision and stage checks by the Chief Flight Instructor, and regular FAA inspections of school facilities, aircraft, simulators and training devices, as well as student training records, and instructor records. 

As a FAA-approved Part 141 Pilot School, we use the best ground school curriculum in combination with your flight training.  This integrated system, provides for faster flight training and better retention of knowledge and skills. 

Our general training program, also known as a Part 61 Program is a flexible training program tailored to individual student needs and schedules.
Medical Certificate
Prior to a student's enrollment in the Part 141 Program or a student's first solo flight in the Part 61 Program, the student must pass a medical certificate and receive a third class medical certificate or higher.  

The medical exam must be conducted by a doctor who is certified as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).   Applicants that are taking prescription medications or have had surgery or hospitalization are strongly encouraged to consult with a medical examiner BEFORE starting the official application process, as the examiner may make recommendations for the appropriate paperwork and for how to facilitate the approval process.

Click Here to find an Aviation Medical Examiner closest to you.
Certificates and Ratings
Specialty Training
Ground Schools
Quincy Aviation is proud to have a partnership with Quincy University's Aviation Program to provide flight training for students to earn a 2 or 4 year degree.

For more information about Quincy University click here.