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The Multi Engine Certificate allows you to fly any airplane (under 12,500 lbs) with more than one engine. Due to the complexity of the equipment, this certificate calls for a higher degree of skill than flying a single engine aircraft. Emphasis is placed on single engine aerodynamics, single engine out operations, emergency procedures, and the performance and limitations of the airplane. This certificate can be extremely rewarding as it allows you to operate a complex aircraft with more capabilities. 

​If you are adding on a Multi Engine Rating to a Private or Commercial certificate, you will have already met the eligibility requirements. The maneuvers for the private and commercial certificate are the same, but the standards are more demanding in the latter. 

If you are obtaining an initial Multi Engine Commercial Certificate (i.e. you hold a Private Pilot Single Engine Land Certificate only and you want to obtain a Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate) you will need to meet the aeronautical knowledge plus minimum eligibility requirements for the certificate you are seeking. Keep in mind that a Multi engine aircraft is considered a complex aircraft, thus will meet the requirements towards the Commercial Rating requirements. Please review the Commercial or Private pages as applicable for additional information on complex aircraft and cross country requirements, or contact us to discuss the options. 

Multi-Engine Rating
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