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Quincy Aviation is now offering classroom instruction. Although ground school subjects can be covered one-on-one with your flight instructor, there are numerous advantages to a group class. 

First, some people learn better in a classroom setting with lecture, texts, and multimedia presentations. Quite often it is a benefit to have other students asking questions that you might not have thought of. The class will keep you on a regular schedule and reinforce what you cover in your flight lessons. And finally, quite often taking a formal class can be less expensive than learning your ground school subjects one-on-one with a flight instructor. 

Class sizes are limited. To reserve a seat in an upcoming class call Quincy Aviation at (217) 885-3353 or e-mail at info@quincyaviation.com

Pilot Ground School
(217) 885-3353  |  1647 Highway 104,  Quincy, IL 62305