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Every 24 calendar months (2 years) a pilot must pass a flight review to retain the privileges of his or her license.  According to AC 61-98A, "The flight review is not a test or check ride, but an instructional service designed to assess a pilot’s knowledge and skills." 

A flight review consists of at least one hour of ground instruction and one hour of flight instruction.  Most people should plan to schedule at least three hours to include time for paperwork and briefings.  Although it is impossible to "fail" a flight review, pilots will occasionally require additional training.

Specialty Training
Flight Review
Instrument Proficiency Check
If an instrument pilot's currency lapses, he or she can take an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) to reinstate it.  

During an IPC, a pilot must complete the tasks designated by the Rating Task Table (page 1-vii) of the Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards to PTS standards.
Complex Aircraft Training
A complex endorsement allows a pilot to fly a plane with retractable gear, a constant speed propeller, and flaps.  Pilots can receive a complex endorsement at Grear River Aviation in the Arrow (PA28R-201).
Aircraft Rental Checkouts
Aircraft checkouts are for pilots who would like to "upgrade" their flying skills and receive training in an unfamiliar aircraft.  Checkouts are tailored to the individual pilot's needs, but usually consist of basic air work, emergency training, and landings.
WINGS Program
The WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program is a program designed to provide reoccurring training to certified pilots.  Achievements in this program can be used in lieu of a flight review.  Quincy Aviation instructors provide flight training that counts toward this program.
"Pinch Hitter" Course
Intended for the non-pilot, this course is intended for a person frequently traveling in the right seat with a pilot. 

Special emphasis is placed on operation of and communication using the aircraft's radio, as well as landing the aircraft from the right seat in the event the pilot is unable to do so. 

In four hours of flight training, "pinch hitters" learn about aircraft control, radios, and landings so that they can assist pilots in the event of an in-flight emergency.
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